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  When you find yourself involved in a situation that involves a legal matter you should never go it alone.  The legal system is complex and bewildering.  You can find yourself feeling overmatched and at the mercy of prosecutors or of the legal counsel for the parties opposing you.

  The concerns for your future and well-being are well founded.  The people opposing you will have done everything they can to insure that you will lose your case and that they will attain an outcome which is only beneficial to them.  Your future is of little or no interest to them.

  When involved in a criminal or civil legal matter, more then your liberty can be at stake - you risk the loss of home, career, and reputation.

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  A criminal charges is a life changing event.  The criminal charge your are facing could end in conviction with the penalties carrying the maximum in fines and incarceration.

  When going through divorce proceedings the decisions you make now will have long-term and lasting effects.

  When negotiating a contract failure to protect your rights can have devastating results.

  The purchase of real estate can become a nightmare with financial loss and even the loss of the property itself, with a poorly written contract.

  Even traffic tickets are much more then just a nuisance.   Points on your license costs you money for years to come.   Accumulation of too many points results in the loss of your license with major changes in your life.

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  When involved in legal proceedings, you are swept up into a series of events which you feel you have no control over.  The parties opposing you are not waiting.  They are taking the steps and starting the procedures against you to ensure that the only outcome in the proceedings are the results they want. That is why you must act quickly and decisively now.

  You need a lawyer you can trust to tenaciously defend your rights and legal interest against the forces opposing you.  An attorney with the experience, reputation, dedication and skill to successfully defend and protect you. This is critical towards achieving an outcome in your case that benefits you.

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  When it comes to your future, you owe it to your family and yourself to engage the services the very best as your legal counsel.   Richard F. Sweeney Is an attorney practicing law since 1985 in both the private and public sectors. A former A.C.A. in the Westchester County Attorney's Office during which time he gained an invaluable insight into the legal needs of the people of the county.  The number and variety of cases in which he was involved has provided him with a knowledge of the tactics employed by opposing counsel that is critical for a successful defense.

  During his distinguished legal career he has risen to the level of being a judge for the City of Yonkers where he has attained even more knowledge and experience of the legal system.

  Your case requires a lawyer with the reputation, skills, dedication and experience that few attorneys in the state can match.

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